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Samantha Tesi - Artist Statement

I have loved art and being creative for as long as I can remember. My personal love is
drawing people (cartoony or otherwise), which has been more satisfying to me than fine
arts and graphic drawings. I am never without a sketchbook and, if I am, Ill create on
scraps of paper and napkins.

I practice every day and create at every opportunity. Many of my friends are also creative,
and I feel privileged to be in their company. I mostly work with mixed mediums ranging
from pencil and ink to acrylics to markers and incorporate many of my passions in my
work, more to please me than anyone else. I have chosen to make art my career and
hope to be able to pursue my dreams in whatever capacity I can.

But above all, I have a love for animation. I enjoy and appreciate the art of storytelling and
character building, and I especially like it when animation makes me cry. If I have a career
goal, it is to use my animation to invoke emotion.

I have found myself being inspired by a number of animators and works such as:

  • The world and character building of "Adventure Time" and their unique style of animation
  • I admire Alex Hirsch for his animation and character peculiarity of "Gravity Falls"
  • Rebecca Sugar for "Steven Universe"
  • Natasha Allegri for her "Adventure Time" character designs and her "Bee and Puppy Cat"
  • Movies like "Wreck It Ralph" where the style is unique and modern, the animation is
    super pretty with a good story and a mix of current and retro styles
  • "Paranorman" and "Coraline" by Laika are so pretty and well done, great to watch and
    demonstrate visually inspiring animation: the smoothness and beauty of the details, and
    their innovative 3D printer techniques
  • Games like "Dead Space" and "Limbo," while not animations, inspire great story telling
  • Great innovators like Ray Harryhausen and films such as "Jason and the Argonauts"
    make me appreciate the history of stop motion and animation, and how far weve come

I aspire to one day create my own 2D animation and be able to pursue a career in the medium
I love.

Any questions or comments, please email: cartooncafe@aol.com

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